The Grandmaster Unveils New Tony Leung, Wong Kar Wai Dynamic



One of 2013’s most beautifully shot films, The Grandmaster, may not have received as much traction in the U.S., but the picture has garnered its share of acclaim overseas. The most prestigious (or for that matter, the most recognizable) honor came from the National Board of Review, which named The Grandmaster one of last year’s top 5 foreign films.

At last month’s Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Zhang Ziyi received the Best Actress award for her work in the film, which features Tony Leung in the role of Ip Man.

“What makes Ip Man great is not just his physical abilities,” said the actor about the martial arts legend, best known as being the mentor of Bruce Lee. “I think it’s (also) because of his wisdom and his knowledge of kung fu. All this knowledge and hard training of kung fu really opened up my wisdom.”

During our interview with Mr. Leung, the actor talked about, in length, about Wong Kar Wai’s visual process (in relation to The Grandmaster).

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