‘The Dinner’ With Richard Gere Hits Blu-Ray In August



As witnessed by The Messenger and Rampart, director Oren Moverman is a pinpoint storyteller, seamlessly blending social themes sans a heavy handed touch. His latest feature The Dinner hits Blu-ray and DVD August 8. Details on the Richard Gere headlined film is below!

The storyline centers on Stan (Gere), a politician who invites his seemingly brother Paul (Steve Coogan) over for an exclusive dinner (Rebecca Hall co-stars as Stan’s wife with Laura Linney playing Paul’s spouse). The dinner gradually goes south as the couples discuss the crime that was committed by their sons. Based on Herman Koch’s  international bestseller of the same name, The Dinner also continues Moverman’s collaboration with versatile cinematographer Bobby Bukowski. Like all of Moverman’s films, The Dinner was shot on an indie budget, but the production value and look is still striking. Check out the trailer below:

Special features on the Blu-ray and DVD include a photo gallery and audio commentary from writer/director Oren Moverman and Laura Linney.