Aaron Lewis And Guitarist Luc Nyhus Honor Soldiers With ‘Folded Flag’ Single

Aaron Lewis - Courtesy of Big Machine Records


In honor of Flag Day, Aaron Lewis has released the track “Folded Flag.” Lewis shared a snippet of the song on his Facebook page, recalling that witnessed “three battle hardened special forces soldiers cry after hearing it.” Lewis came across the song from an integral member of his music family . . .


Folded Flag - Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Luc Nyhus, lead guitarist for Aaron Lewis’ band, and Lewis were talking to several soldiers on a loading dock after a show. During their conversation, Luc brought up the track and eventually played the song. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nyhus, who wrote the track  with Marty Morgan and Yasmine Van Wilt, crafted a well written piece sans any unnecessary saccharine. Coupled with Lewis’ earnest and introspective delivery, “Folded Flag” is a single that’s definitely worth a listen. To order the tune, go here.

A section of “Folded Flag’s” lyrics:

“Two men with starch white gloves / Fold the colors ‘til they touch / It’s probably more than I deserve / But I’m proud to get this much / Sending’ all the love I ever had / Inside this folded flag.”

***I still haven’t picked up Lewis’ 2016 album Sinner, but if “Mama” is any indication, it’s a good one! If you’re a fan of Lewis’ work, feel free to comment below!!

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