‘Beat The Game’ Aims For Epic Audio Landscapes For Dali Minded Gamers  



Any adventure that cites surreal artists Max Ernst and Salvador Dali while attempting to literally find a new beat with gamers is worth a try, and I’m definitely excited to see if Beat The Game delivers on its promise.

Coming out on Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux this summer, Beat The Game is a 3D point and click adventure that centers on Mistik, a music producer who discovers a new universe after surviving a motorbike crash. Under this new landscape and with his trusty recorder, Mistik attempts to make the perfect beat. House and techno producer Marc Houle scored the soundtrack, ensuring gamers will have an array of immersive sounds to experiment with and arrange their own unique compositions. For a sampling of Houle’s music, check out the Soundcloud bar below:

“Beat The Game is a love letter to my passions in life,” said Worm Animation founder Cemre Ozhurt. “Charming characters, sci-fi fantasy, European art, and of course, electronic music. We’ve put a huge amount of the work into giving the game a totally unique personality. And with the music making element, we can’t wait for players to flex their compositional muscles to create their own unique soundtracks.”

The concept behind Beat The Game is high minded, but life’s too short not to shoot for the stars. I’ll be posting my review of the game once (or for that matter if) I receive a review copy.