‘Siege Online’ Opens MMORPG Kingdom for English Speaking Gamers



Mousee Games has launched an English language version of their massive multiplayer online role-playing game title “Siege Online,” an adventure which enables gamers to traverse and fight in a war ravaged medieval universe. Although laying siege to kingdoms is not exactly my skill set, the title’s free to play dynamic is intriguing, and my interests are still peaked after scanning the RPG’s official site (www.siege-online.com).

Siege Online (Mousee Games)
Siege Online (Mousee Games)

“Siege Online is the perfect game for people who love the depth of a full-featured and complex online RPG, but also want a strategic combat system instead of pure action,” said Mousee Games president Irina Kudosova. “Siege Online reflects the kind of innovation you will only see from the small, independent developers, and we’re pleased to have helped bring it to English-speaking gamers.”

As players engage in combat, preparation, and not fast twitching skills are a big part of your success. Players can craft weapons, trade goods, mine, hunt, gather herbs and, of course, go to war against rival guilds. Over 100 buildings are available as players create their own castles. Military units are also in varied supply, as over 40 different regimens are available for action.

Mousee Games
Mousee Games

I also pull for independent developers, as creating a labor of love in a crowded market dominated by the big boys is always a swimming upstream kind of thing. Plus, the logo for Mousee Games, which features a cat cradling a mouse, is a very cute image that, while it will never happen in anyone’s lifetime, is a beautiful thought.

 If you’ve already played “Siege Online” or are going to give the game a whirl, I’d love to hear what you think of the game, so always feel free to comment below and share your thoughts!

The trailer is also pretty spot on, and if I really go deep into this game, I’d love to see if those crawling, mechanized spider machines (seen at 1:36 of the clip) are a cheap purchase at your local marketplace (probably not). Check out the Siege Online clip is below:

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