Short Films: ‘Boot’ Is A Police Story That Hits The Mark



A colleague from the press junket scene recommended I check out Boot, a 22-minute short about a police Sergeant whose rookie partner is killed in the line of duty. The Sergeant visits his partner’s father in the hospital, and initially the elderly man mistakes the officer for his own son.

A majority of the film is told in flashback, as the Sergeant recounts all the events leading up to the visit. Director Brian L. Tan knows his way around a camera and though the short’s bread and butter lies in the drama, Tan displays an innate talent for shooting action scenes, and he brings a ton of production value to what one would assume is a shoestring budget.

Along with his technical skills, Tan proves he can also shoot a character based project. The short’s success lies in our ability to sympathize with the two policemen, and both Graham Clarke (Sergeant Reynolds) and John Redlinger (rookie officer Vincent Baker) are convincing in their roles.

Just from watching Boot, I’ll probably track down and check out the director’s other shorts and see if they are just as good as this police drama. Plus, I’ll also keep my eyes out for Clarke and Redlinger – the dynamic between the two characters, even though this is a short, absolutely clicked.

Check out Boot below and feel free to comment!!

BOOT (2015) from Iconic Films on Vimeo.