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Rene Russo Stays “In The Wave” With ‘Nightcrawler’

In NightcrawlerRene Russo is Nina, a news producer at a struggling, Los Angeles station. To bump up the program’s ratings, Nina buys violent footage from cameramen who capture the latest robberies and car accidents that occur within the suburban confines of Southern California.

Jake Gyllenhaal is Lou Bloom, a novice to the news profession who’s armed with a ton of ambition and a video camera at his disposal. Both Nina and Lou are desperate to climb the ranks of the tabloid driven media, even if it means crossing the line.

Although Russo had initial challenges in crafting Nina, she eventually found her footing without changing a word of Dan Gilroy’s dialogue (Gilroy penned and directed the film).

“I finally found a way to bring her to life,” said Russo, whose previous credits include Lethal Weapon 4, The Thomas Crown Affair, Big Trouble, and most recently Thor: The Dark World. “And that is through desperation. I know, for me,  if I ever crossed those moral boundaries, it’s usually because I’m scared to death.”

During the Nightcrawler interviews, I asked Rene Russo how she manages to stay “in the moment” as an actress. “Sometimes it is like catching a wave a little bit,” said Russo. “You’ve got to kind of stay in the wave.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Rene Russo talk about the “paintbox of emotions” which has helped her craft:

Nightcrawler opens nationwide October 31.

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