Director Natasha Kermani Explores “Horror Tropes” And “True Experience” Behind ‘Lucky’

Director Natasha Kermani’s (Imitation Girl) latest feature Lucky centers on May (Brea Grant), a self-help author who is stacked by a masked killer. To stay alive she confronts on a daily basis and presumably kills him, only to see him return time and again. Kermani talked to Deepest Dream about the nuances of her darkly comic and thematically rich thriller.

Brea Grant as May-Lucky. Photo Credit:Shudder

Lucky was also written by Brea Grant, and Natasha Kermani immediately gravitated to the material. “Even when the script became really wild and abstract and expressionistic and there is all this crazy stuff happening, the truth of it was this very thin layer below sort of the absurdist satire, heightened horror of it,” said Kermani. “Right below the surface was this true experience, a true journey of what this character was taking.”

Natasha Kermani Interview Breakdown:

0:41– The genesis behind Lucky.
2:56Natasha Kermani on balancing the tone of Lucky.
4:44 – Kermani discusses a specific scene from Lucky wherein May’s agent (Leigh M. Burke) tells her that she should be “lucky” that she has a publishing deal.
7:18 – Kermani discusses the horror tropes that she explored in the making of Lucky.
9:38 – One of Kermani’s favorite films is Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now.
12:07 – Kermani on if she would explore more big budget, commercial filmmaking (for her, it’s all about resources).

Lucky is now streaming on Shudder. Find Your Film co-host Bruce Purkey and I review Lucky on our latest episode.

I really enjoyed Lucky, and I’d love to hear what you thought of the film! If you dug the film, I have Kermani discussing the ending of the film exclusively for our CinemAddicts Patreon members!

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