Maya-Camille Broussard Spotlights Nutrition Goals And Healthy Living With Justice of the Pies



Today is International Women’s Day, and the documentary film series Five spotlights five women from five countries who are making a difference in their respective business. Chicago based Maya-Camille Broussard brings a purpose driven mission to Justice of the Pies, and she talked to Deepest Dream about how that journey comes from a personal place.

One of Maya-Camille Broussard’s goals is to honor her family and continue their entrpreneurial spirit with Justice of the Pies. Along with helping people overcome their food insecurities, Broussard also sees an intrinsic value behind the actual making of pies.

“People love to see the juices oozing and bubbling out of a pie crust and they’ll accept it,” said Broussard. “I like to think that the way they accept pies is because it’s so approachable. (That is) the way people should accept people in general regardless of social status or class status. That is the introspective approach I take on why I am enamored with the crust!”

For more information on Mastercard commissioned Five, go to its official site or watch it on ShortsTV. Full interview with Broussard is below!

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