Justin Roiland, Ben Bayouth, and Zach Hadel Talk Comedy Behind ‘The Paloni Show! Halloween Special!’

The Paloni Show! Halloween Special! is streaming exclusively on Hulu.


Solar Opposites co-creator Justin Roiland teams with Zach Hadel and executive producer Ben Bayouth for The Paloni Show! Halloween Special!. The special features Roiland as the voice of Leroy with Hadel playing Leroy’s little brother Reggie. Check out the interview below as the two talked about The Paloni Show! Halloween Special!, and hopefully this program will be more than a one-off!

The horror anthology format behind The Paloni Show! Halloween Special immediately drew me in, and the interview started off with Justin Roiland discussing the possibilities of the show’s evolution.

“If were to do, say, a bunch of these, we don’t know – we just kind of made this one and we’re going to see what happens,” said Roiland. “We would probably spin up a writers’ room and we’d probably write some sketches that we would produce ourselves to plug in as well. But we’d still be bringing in cool people to play in this incubator. We will see – I have a few ideas from when we were making this one when I was much more actively thinking about it . . . we’ll find out down the road what the reception is like and if people like it enough to warrant there being more. I’m just glad I got to do with these characters.”

“With animation you can really do a lot,” said Zach Hadel. “I’ve never done live action myself but I have a lot of friends that do. With (live action), you have what you shot and you can’t go back. With animation, you can re-storyboard an entire scene or you can reanimate a whole sequence or you can go back in and re-record something. So it’s very flexible.”

Check out the video interview with Justin Roiland and Zach Handel below:

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