Flick City 74: Matriarch, Grimcutty, Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders


In need of home entertainment this weekend? On the horror thriller side, Hulu has two recently released first rate features, Matriarch and Grimcutty, available for streaming. In theaters and available on digital is Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders. The latest CinemAddicts podcast features my interviews with the actors and filmmakers behind each movie. If you are a fan of Kate Dickie (The Witch) and Jon Voight (Coming Home), then give a listen to our podcast!

Matriarch centers on Laura (Jemima Rooper), a woman who survives an overdose and decides to return back home and reunite with her estranged mother Celia (Kate Dickie). Their relationship is fraught with tragedy and a mutual distrust of each other, and this fragile relationship is put to the test when a supernatural element has pervaded Laura’s hometown. Directed and penned by Ben Steiner, Matriarch is powered by intense performances by Rooper and Dickie. It also features one of this year’s most unforgettable horror scenes, and I addressed that during the interview (it starts at 9:05):

Sara Wolfkind stars in Grimcutty as Asha, a teen who believes there is a monster that is terrifying her classmates. Asha’s parents (Usman Ally, Shannyn Sossamon) are understandably concerned, as this unseen force has wreaked havoc in their town. Is Grimcutty make believe or absolutely real?

Writer/director John Ross crafts an intriguing tale about the destructive nature of social media addiction and communication breakdown. My interview with Wolfkind, Ross and Ally starts at the 16:06 mark:

Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders stars Jon Voight as a super rich patriarch who has his family reunite at his mansion. He coordinates a game that places the entire family in peril, and one person might be the only one to survive this ordeal! The feature was released in theaters today and is available on Digital.

Jon Voight – Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders (Paramount Pictures)

I was a pleasantly surprised by Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders. My initial thought of a light entertainment murder mystery was turned on its head, as this film is more graphic and unrelenting than I envisioned. Powered by a solid work from Jon Voight and co-stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Will Sasso, and Megan Charpenteier, Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders is a recommended watch! Interview with director Sean McNamara and Jon Voight starts at the 21:39 mark:

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