Jon Voight And Sean McNamara Talk ‘Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders’

Co-starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders is now out in theaters and Digital.


If tabletop games and mysteries are your bag, Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders might be worth adding to your weekend movie viewing. Now in theaters and Digital, the feature is headlined by Jon Voight and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Voight and director Sean McNamara (Spare Parts, Field of Lost Shoes) talked to Deepest Dream about their latest feature!

Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders centers on a family reunion organzied by the wealthy and manipulative patriarch Ellison Betts (Jon Voight). Ellison’s “loved ones” are forced into playing a fatalistic game where the winner ultimately gets to survive another day. The ensemble includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Megan Charpentier, Kaya Coleman, and Will Sasso.

Director Sean McNamara has been on my radar since 2015, when he directed the underrated Field of Lost Shoes. Along with his directing at a rapid clip, McNamara is also a busy producer. I asked McNamara about his work ethic during the interview and he also talked about his love for his previously feature Spare Parts.

Jon Voight picked the miniseries Faith: Pope John Paul II as a project that he feels is underrated. I will watch both Spare Parts and Faith: Pope John Paul II and report back!!

I enjoyed the direction of Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders and was pleasantly surprised that this movie had a bit of narrative bite to it. Don’t expect a light breezy affair with this murder mystery. The jokes are few and far between, and the feature’s final act was a memorable one. Listen to my review of the movie on the latest Find Your Film podcast (I loved the movie, Eric Holmes recommends it as well with a few caveats, and Bruce Purkey was not a fan):

Dangerous Game: The Legacy Murders is now out in theaters and Digital. Check out the full interview with Jon Voight and Sean McNamara below!

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