‘Solar Opposites’ Interview With Mike McMahan, Danielle Uhalrik and Josh Bycel

Solar Opposites Halloween Special is streaming exclusively on Hulu.


In celebration of Huluween, Solar Opposites released “A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special.” Co-creator Mike McMahan and producers Danielle Uhalrik and Josh Bycel talked to Deepest Dream about finding comedic perfection on their acclaimed Hulu series.

The Solar Opposites jokes come flying a mile a minute, and co-creator Mike McMahan state that is part of the show’s aesthetic.

“With the actors we have and the artists we have, we never want to cut a joke,” said McMahan. “We always want to put jokes in. We make our actors talk incredibly fast – they’re great. We want it to be so fast that we want you to go back and watch something because you missed it.”

You can catch “A Sinister Halloween Scary Opposites Solar Special” streaming exclusive on Hulu as part of its Huluween programming. Below is my interview with Mike McMahan, Danielle Uhalrik, and Josh Bycel:

Listen to this Solar Opposites interview on the CinemAddicts podcast:

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