Jon Bernthal & Christopher Abbott Face Off In ‘Sweet Virginia’ Trailer

Sweet Virginia
Christopher Abbott and Jon Bernthal in “Sweet Virginia.”
My most anticipated film this year isn’t a comic book flick or animated feature bankrolled by some big studio. Rather, I’m all about Sweet Virginia, and if you love thrillers that leaves a bigger jolt than your morning cup of Joe, this might do the trick.

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The story centers on Sam (Jon Bernthal), a guy who runs a motel on the remote outskirts of Alaska. A former rodeo champion who’s stricken with Parkinson’s Disease, Sam seems to be marking out his days (though he does have a girlfriend, played by Rosemarie DeWitt).

After striking up a pretty weird friendship with a drifter named Elwood (Christopher Abbott), Sam’s demons are reawakened, and one wonders if both of these guys harbor a violent streak. Imogen Poots co-stars as Lila, a woman whose own criminal schemes may backfire (as hinted at by the trailer).

I’ve loved a bunch of stuff from all three actors (Abbott is excellent in It Comes At Night, Bernthal’s monologue in Me And Earl and The Dying Girl still gets to me, and Imogen Poots’ work in She’s Funny That Way is highly overlooked) – and since thrillers are currently my genre of choice, Sweet Virginia is the one to watch. The trailer’s pretty fantastic if tightly wound narratives are your thing, check it out below.

I’ll be updated this post with new photos from Sweet Virginia, as of this posting the only image of Sweet Virginia (at least of the IFC press site) is the two aforementioned dudes at the coffee shop. The movie hits theaters and On Demand November 17.

Check out the trailer below and feel free to leave a comment below!

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