IOS Review: ‘Hip Hop Trivia Starring Murs’ Is Worth A Spin


Growing up in the 1980s, I fashioned myself a hip-hop head, but the recent iOS release Hip Hop Trivia put me in my place. The game is hosted by revered indie hip hop artist Murs, who essentially serves as the de facto Pat Sajak in these proceedings.

Although you won’t be buying vowels with Hip Hop Trivia, place a finger on your screen to spin the wheel. Categories featured on the wheel include East, West, Midwest, South, Mainstream, Old School, New School and Underground. Obviously the Mainstream questions are the easiest ones to answer, and although I did embarrass myself with a slew of wrong answers (especially with the Underground section), I currently have over $113,000 in my hip hop bank account.

The goal is to reach $24,000 within eight rounds, and the faster you answer a question, the more money you’ll receive. For example, I was quick to the trigger with this Grey Album question, and I took home $2,000 for my troubles.

Multiplayer mode is also offered, as gamers will take turns using the same device to figure out who’s the true hip hop expert. It’s a great feature to have for players who both love this genre, and with the plethora of categories available on the wheel, there are enough variety of questions to keep things interesting.

Since my personal bank roll is a bit light these days, I love landing on the Big Money slot. Once the wheel stops at this section, you will spin another wheel to get immediate cash, and it’s a definite aid in reaching your 24K goal by the eighth round.

For just $0.99, hip hop fans will be able to test their knowledge of the art form, and as a simple Q&A game interspersed with commentary from Murs, it’s not such a bad deal. Towards the end of your round Murs tells fans to check back for further Hip Hop Trivia updates. Hopefully this rapper is true to his word, as more questions, and some added bonuses (maybe the chance to unlock a Murs song?) could seriously increase the app’s creative value.

HipHopTrivia4Until then, Hip Hop Trivia is still a fun enough title to download, especially since once in a while, you’ll hit the jackpot. Even if it’s just a fiscal fantasy with my iPad, a wheel bonus cash reward isn’t something to complain about.


Hip Hop Trivia: Version 1.01, Size: 242 MB, Rated 12+, Digital Dreams Entertainment LLC. $0.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch

As for Murs, he recently talked about his track “Everything” (from the 2008 album Murs for President), which he performed at South by Southwest: