‘Flyleaf’ Premiere “Set Me On Fire” Video With Billboard Interview



Flyleaf gave a recent interview with Billboard magazine, and the Q&A also contains the new video “Set Me On Fire,” a single taken off their upcoming album Between the Stars. It’s standard operating procedure for band members to exclaim that their latest work is their best yet, but I’m still encouraged that guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya describes Between the Stars as “one of the coolest records” the band has made.

Now in my early forties, my own definition of “cool” is probably outdated, but I do know the “Set Me On Fire” video isn’t exactly an icy proposition. The group shot the vid in an abandoned warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, and the production crew littered the place with candles to give the environment a mysterious, this place is really getting too fiery for my own tastes kind of look. Although it’s mainly a performance video with singer Kristen May and the rest of the outfit rocking their lives away, the mixture of an orange-red backdrop and dead tree silhouettes, along with some inevitable fire, adds a welcome visual luster to the clip.

Between the Stars comes out September 16, and it’s currently available for pre-order on iTunes. It’s a big outing for the group, as it’s their first full fledged album with May (her first outing with the band, post Lacey Sturm era, was the 2013 EP Who We Are).

Details for a stateside fall tour will be announced in the coming weeks, with the band also heading overseas in support of their album early next year.


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