Favorite Flicks: Potsy Ponciroli On ‘Into The Wild’ And ‘The Monster Squad’

Old Henry, starring Tim Blake Nelson and Stephen Dorff, is now playing in select theaters via Shout! Studios.


One of our top Find Your Film recommendations this week is Old Henry, a first rate Western written and directed by Potsy Ponciroli. Feature contains inspired work from Tim Blake Nelson (as the titular character) and Stephen Dorff. During our chat, Ponciroli talked about his own favorite films which includes Into The Wild, The Monster Squad and The Goonies!

Tim Blake Nelson in “Old Henry” (Shout! Studios)

Old Henry, a mixture of an action driven and meditative Western, centers on a widowed farmer (Tim Blake Nelson) who nurses an injured man (Scott Haze) he found out in the field. A satchel filled with money was on his person, and in this case Henry’s good deed may lead to danger for he and his teenage son (Gavin Lewis). Trace Adkins rounds out the ensemble as Henry’s brother-in-law.

***Check out our video review of Old Henry which starts at the 2:10 mark!

Stephen Dorff is the leader of a group of crooks who are out for the cash and the stranger. Henry, however, may know a thing or two about gunslining, leading to the narrative’s inevitable showdown.

Find Your Film co-host Eric Holmes currently places Old Henry as one of his top films of the year, and both Bruce Purkey and I also loved the film. I’ll be posting my full interview with writer-director Potsy Ponciroli this weekend.

Until then, our Find Your Film top recommendation for the week is Old Henry and Titane. Take a listen to the podcast below:

As for Ponciroli, he cites the Sean Penn directed Into the Wild, Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad, The Goonies, and Star Wars as a few of his favorite films:

Old Henry is now playing in theaters, for details on where it’s playing, go to Shout! Studios.

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