Danielle Macdonald Drawn To The “Quirky And Unique” Stylings Of ‘Falling For Figaro’

Co-starring Joanna Lumley and Hugh Skinner, Falling For Figaro is now out in theaers and available On Demand via IFC Films.


It was her critically acclaimed and beloved performance in Pattie Cake$ that put Danielle Macdonald on the map. Several years later, music and following one’s dreams continue for Macdonald, as she stars in the new rom-com Falling for Figaro. Whether it’s hip-hop or opera, the actress knows how to deliver a commanding performance. During our interview, the actress elaborated on the “quirky and unique” nature of Falling for Figaro.

Falling for Figaro centers on Millie (Danielle Macdonald), a highly successful fund manager who leaves her high paying gig to pursue a life as an opera singer. Leaving the big city for the Scottish Highlands, under the mentorship of a bitter diva named Meghan (Joanna Lumley), is a huge sacrifice.

[From left to right] Joanna Lumley as “Meghan” and Danielle Macdonald as “Millie” in Ben Lewin’s FALLING FOR FIGARO. IFC Films

Max (Hugh Skinner) is another student of Meghan’s, and he initially ends up being competition for the highly inexpierienced Millie. His years of experience, though a distinct advantage, my crumble before Millie’s hunger and determination when they compete with other divas on the upcoming “Singer of Renown” contest.

Hugh Skinner as “Max” and Danielle Macdonald as “Millie” in Ben Lewin’s FALLING FOR FIGARO (IFC Films)

“I could tell with the dialogue how kind of offbeat that it was in a way that I absolutely love,” said Macdonald, who also delivered memorable work in Dumplin’ and Skin. “It’s kind of got that British (and) Austrailan sensibility and sense of humor there which I’m really drawn to.”

FALLING FOR FIGARO Director Ben Lewin. Headshot Courtesy of David Boni

Now in his mid-70s, director Ben Lewin drew considerable praise from Macdonald. “He’s incredible, he’s a go-getter,” said the actress who is a fan of Lewin’s feature The Sessions. “Absolutely nothing will stop him. It’s amazing what he has achieved and what he continues to achieve.”

On the surface, Falling for Figaro seems like a harmless and guilty pleasure romantic comedy. There is nothing wrong with turning off one’s brain for a spell and enjoy the escapish. This feature while swimming in the romcom lane, veers off onto a couple of interesting directions which I definitely appreciated.

Falling For Figaro is now out in theaters and is available On Demand. Check out my full interview with Danielle Macdonald below and tell me what you think of Falling For Figaro once you see it!!

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