Whitney Call And Mallory Everton Craft Inspired Pandemic Comedy ‘Stop And Go’

Starring and written by Call and Everton, "Stop And Go" hits theaters and On Demand October 1st!


Stop and Go is a laugh a minute comedy which spotlights the comedic flair of childhood friends Whitney Call and Mallory Everton. The pair penned the script in July 2020, and to bring humor within a pandemic set story took stones. With festival deadlines slated for October, they were on a time crunch to pen the script and shoot the movie. It hits theaters and On Demand this Friday (October 1). My interview with Call and Everton (who co-directed the flick with Stephen Meek), is below!

Mallory Everton and Whitney Call in “Stop and Go” (Decal Releasing)

Stop and Go centers on Blake (Mallory Everton) and Jamie (Whitney Call), sisters who go on a cross country road trip to rescume their grandmother (Anne Sward Hansen) from her COVID-19 affected nursing home. Their other sister Erin (Julia Jolley) also wants to pick up grandma on her own, but she is not taking the coronavirus as serious as her siblings. This puts an extra strain on Blake and Jamie’s travels, as they must get to the nursing home as soon as possible!

***Whitney Call talks about the “time crunch” behind the making of Stop And Go:

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Stop And Go hits theaters and On Demand Friday, October 1!! Report back and share your thoughts on the comedy!!

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