Diana Silvers Talks “Empowering” Aspect Behind Cautionary Horror Tale ‘Ma’

(from left) Maggie (Diana Silvers), Erica (Juliette Lewis, back to camera) and Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer) in "Ma," directed by Tate Taylor. Photo Credit: Anna Kooris/Universal Pictures
One of the welcome aspects behind Ma lies in its reunion between The Help collaborators Octavia Spencer and Tate Taylor. Spencer also produced Ma, which also co-stars up and coming actress Diana Silvers, who also worked on Tate’s next film Eve. But wait, let’s rewind a little bit . . .

Ma centers on Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer), a solitary woman who is approached by Maggie (Diana Silvers) asking for a favor. Maggie and her teen friends need an adult to buy booze so they can party the night away, but instead Sue Ann offers these youngsters a chance to party in the basement of her home. Directed by Tate Taylor, whose last feature was 2016’s first rate thriller The Girl on the Train, the picture also stars Juliette Lewis and Luke Evans.

Diana Silvers as Maggie in “Ma,” directed by Tate Taylor. Photo Credit: Anna Kooris/Universal Pictures

If you haven’t seen Booksmart, you probably don’t know that Diana Silvers is a 21-year-old actress who’s definitely on the rise (her chemistry with co-star Kaitlyn Dever is palpable). She’s a scene stealer in Booksmart (actually that entire cast is pretty memorable), and with Ma she has an even meatier role.

“What resonated most with me about the script was how social media and bullying seeps into our lives,” said Silvers, who actually worked on Ma before Booksmart. “And how it affects people long term, especially in this day and age. That to me was very empowering and powerful to look at.”

Click on the Soundcloud audio below to hear Silvers, who reteams with Taylor in the Jessica Chastain headlined Eve, discuss the cautionary tale element behind Ma.

Ma opens nationwide May 31.

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