Damian Lillard Named NBA Live 15’s Cover Athlete



EA Sports has announced that Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard will serve as the cover athlete for NBA Live 15. Named Rookie of the Year in 2013, Lillard is the next generation of tough nosed Oakland guards to flourish in the NBA, following such storied predecessors as Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, and Brian Shaw.

What sets Lillard apart from the pack (and makes him a great choice for cover athlete) lies not only in his impressive skill level (he’s can play both guard positions and is a dead eye clutch shooter) but also in his laser focused work ethic.

Lillard, who has worked with the NBA Live team for over two years, posted a video  on his Instagram account and the following statement:

So thankful for being named the @EASportsInsider #NBALIVE15 cover athlete. I’ve been playing the game since the 16-bit days, so you know this is a dream come true! Hard work has led to so many great things for me and I’m not even close to satisfied. #CoverAthlete #1stBlazerOnTheCover #ItsInTheGame #RipCity #LillardTime

NBA Live 15 (EA Sports)

With a great nucleus that also includes the sweet shooting LaMarcus Aldridge and defensive stopper Nicolas Batum, the Portland Trail Blazers are easy favorites to make a deeper run in the playoffs. Speaking of getting better, NBA Live 15 comes with over 500 “core gameplay improvements” and new real-time physics to give ballers from all walks of life a more realistic feel to their gaming experience.

Although I’m a diehard Los Angeles Clippers and Chris Paul fan, it’s hard not to pull for the hard working Weber State star.  Lillard is doing a great job representing Rip City and, along with Kyrie Irving, is spearheading the next generation of scoring adept (but team oriented) point guards. Hopefully NBA Live 15, which comes out October 7 for Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, will be just as tight as Lillard’s game.

For more info on Lillard’s background and his dedication to Portland and Oakland, check out his interview with Gary Payton below:


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