CinemAddicts Movie Pick: Body Horror ‘Kill Your Lover’ Explores Toxic Relationship

Feature hits theaters and VOD on June 7.

"Kill Your Lover" - Dark Sky Films

It’s always a good thing when all three of us at CinemAddicts can recommend a movie. “Kill Your Lover,” written and directed by Alix Austin and Keir Siewert, is a claustrophobic body horror film that has its merits. Feature hits theaters and VOD June 7th. Check out our video review for more info on “Kill Your Lover!”

“Kill Your Lover” centers on Dakota (Paige Gilmour), a woman who plans to break up with her boyfriend Axel (Shane Quigley Murphy). Axel wants to keep working on their relationship, but Dakota has had enough.

Directors Alix Austin and Keir Siewert shows us different moments of Dakota and Axel’s toxic relationship. With a limited budget and location (the movie is mainly set in an apartment), the filmmakers deliver a solid visual experience. As discussed in our review, the movie’s sound design and music are on point and immersive. Gilmour and Murphy are equally locked in as the desperate lovers, but watching them go at each other for 77 minutes was a bit wearying for me.

‘Kill Your Lover’ – Dark Sky Films

CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes gave high praise to Kill Your Lover (his rating was 4.5/5). Bruce Purkey and I gave the feature 3/5. It’s an in-your-face narrative that is executed with inspiration and passion; it’s overall energy eventually won me over.

It takes us around 8-10 minutes to review a movie. With Kill Your Lover, the review ran over 18 minutes thanks to Eric’s “Kill Your Love” fervor. Check out our review in YouTube or podcast form below:

Running at 77 minutes, “Kill Your Lover” hits theaters and VOD June 7th via Dark Sky Films. Let us know your thoughts on the movie in the comments below!

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