Jane Badler Reflects On Three Year ‘Trim Season’ Journey

Jane Badler - "Trim Season" (Blue Harbor Entertainment)

Actress/producer Jane Badler (“V,” “Ricky Stanicky”) talked with CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes about her latest feature “Trim Season.” Directed by award winning filmmaker Ariel Vida, the movie is now out in theaters and available On Demand. Details on the movie and Badler’s producing efforts on “Trim Season” are featured in our post!

Emma (Bethlehem Million) and a group of young people from Los Angeles travel to a secluded farm in Northern California. Their goal is to make quick money trimming marijuana, but their new job is not ideal. Mona (Jane Badler), the estate’s owner, holds a dark secret which may affect their lives. The ensemble includes Alex Essoe, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Ally Ioannides, and Cory Hart.

Jane Badler in “Trim Season” (Blue Harbor Entertainment)

Producer Sean E. DeMott sent Badler the “Trim Season” screenplay and she immediately loved it. “This was just such an incredible role,” said Badler. “So that’s how it started. And then it took us about three years to get it made.”

Most movies don’t get made overnight, so this several year process is usually the norm. “It’s not easy to fund a film,” said Badler. “(It) can take years to fund a film and geting a script into shape. Talent will not want to come on board with a half baked script. Then you need to attract a good production house to help you find the director (and) the cast. We wanted to do it right (and) make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle were in place.”

Let us know your thoughts on “Trim Season” if you see it! The movie is now in theaters and available On Demand. Eric Holmes gave the movie 4/5 stars and it’s currently at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. Check out the full Badler interview below:

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