CinemAddicts Ep. 73: Columbus, In This Corner of the World, Detroit, Logan Lucky

Haley Lu Richardson and John Cho in Columbus_photo credit Elisha Christian_2_Courtesy of Superlative Films/Depth of Field
It’s August and Anderson and I discussed a slew of movies. My big recommendations for this month are Columbus and In This Corner of the World. Anderson’s amped to see Logan Lucky and Detroit. The full episode, as well as a few state of the state re: CinemAddicts is found below!!

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Copy of Haley Lu Richardson in Columbus_photo credit Elisha Christian_Courtesy of Superlative Films/Depth of Field

Opening Friday August 4, Columbus is a sublime, meditative, and ultimately resonant drama about a Korean American  named Jin (John Cho) who strikes up a friendship with a young resident (Haley Lu Richardson) of Columbus, Indiana. If you dig movies like Lost in Translation or Before Sunrise, this walking and talking flick should do the trick. I absolutely loved this film, and Haley Lu Richardson, who was also good in Split, gives her best work to date with Columbus.


August 11 marks the release of the captivating and heartbreaking animated film In This Corner of the World. The story centers on Suzu, a young Japanese woman who moves to a small town in Hiroshima to live with her husband. Suzu’s life, and her family’s is tragically affected by World War II, and the narrative takes an immersive look at Suzu’s perseverance through a nightmarish ordeal. Though the subject is heavy as can be, In This Corner of the World’s is an engaging tale that is worth a look thanks to its exquisite hand drawn animation and vivid characterizations. It’s definitely a tear-jerker that’s also supported with a first rate narrative.

Anderson’s top picks for August included Logan Lucky and Detroit, and during the episode he also talks about his progress on his feature directing debut Groupers. Most importantly – he finally saw The Accountant!!!! Unfortunately, he did not share my enthusiasm for the film!!

During the show, I also give my Blu-ray recommendation of the week – Black Butterfly. If you love twist-filled dramas, then this Antonio Banderas & Jonathan Rhys Meyers should be your cup of tea!!

Black Butterfly

Before we closed the show, Anderson wanted to get feedback on what movies you, our faithful listener and fellow filmholic, wants to see in September?? Give us your September movie picks in the Comments Section below and we’ll mention a few of the choices on our September episode.

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