Bruce Purkey Reviews Biosphere 2 Documentary ‘Spaceship Earth’

Spaceship Earth  (2020 – Dir. Matt Wolf), tells the story of the massive ecological experiment, Biosphere 2. In 1991, eight “biospherians” locked themselves in a domed, self-contained environment in an attempt to determine whether a self-sustaining system could be created. The concept of Biosphere 2 was to develop a way for humans to survive long-term space travel or even colonize other planets.

Although the subject of Biosphere 2 is fascinating in and of itself, Matt Wolf wisely digs much deeper with this documentary. He jumps back in time to the ‘60’s to examine how John Allen formed a collective amid the counterculture movement in San Francisco. The path has many twists and turns as more and more unique personalities hop on board, each providing more substance to Allen’s vision. Ultimately, Spaceship Earth parallels the path of optimistic counterculture utopianism to flawed reality. 

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