Brandon Slagle On Directing ‘The Flood’ And The Importance Of A First Draft


Brandon Slagle has numerous directing and writing credits. With The Flood he is the man behind the camera, but earlier this year he did both duties for Breakout. He frequently collaborates with Louis Mandylor (a co-star on The Flood), and he covered a bunch of topics during the following interview.

The Flood centers on a several prisoners (including Casper Van Dien) who are housed in a temporary holding cell during the middle of a Louisiana hurricane. Nicky Whelan plays one of the officers who try to keep this criminals in check, but a horde of giant alligators throw a huge wrench into the proceedings. Whether you are good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Flesh is flesh, and these alligators on the hunt!

Louis Mandylor as “Rafe Calderon” and Casper Van Dien as “Russell Cody” in the action thriller, THE FLOOD , a Saban Films relea se. Photo courtesy of Saban Films.

Louis Mandylor, Devanny Pinn, and Bear Williams round out the ensemble.

For Brandon Slagle, having a successful career as a director was not an overnight process.

“The past few years I’ve mostly been hired to do these (films) which is a blessing,” said Slagle. “And I worked for many, many, many years to be able to do that. Before that, for years my producing partner Devanny Pinn whom I’m also married to, had to find investment on our own. We started from the ground up . . . this is the result of a lot of hustle and meeting people. So now instead of having to go find money, I’m very blessed that I’m hired to do these.”

Slagle has numerous directing and writing credits on his resume. He never attended film school but did take writing classes to enhance his screenwriting journey. He dives into his filmmaking journey in the chat. One of the big takeaways from the talk is this simple yet important piece of writing advice: complete your first draft!

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