Catherine Hardwicke Talks ‘Prisoner’s Daughter,’ Filmmaking Inspirations, And Barcelona


Catherine Hardwicke is one of the most diverse filmmakers working today. Earlier this year, she helmed the comedy Mafia Mamma and her latest feature Prisoner’s Daughter is a heavy duty drama headlined by Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox. Hardwicke talked about her latest film, a feature that inspires her (Angelo, My Love) and her recent trip to Barcelona.

Catherine Hardwicke, Brian Cox, and Christopher Convery in a BTS photo of “Prisoner’s Daughter” (Vertical)

Prisoner’s Daughter centers on Max (Brian Cox), a convict who receives a compassionate release from prison since he has terminal cancer. Max attempts to reunite with his estranged daughter Maxine (Kate Beckinsale) and connect with his grandson Ezra (Christopher Convery). Things are rough going at first, and having Ezra’s father (Tyson Ritter) being an abusive jerk doesn’t help matters.

Catherine Hardwicke’s production designer past helped shape Prisoner’s Daughter lived in feel. There are no flashy, visually composed sequences to this Las Vegas set feature. It’s a family drama and Hardwicke brings a realistic feel to the proceedings.

Hardwicke also traveled this year to Barcelona, and I asked her about that experience as well. Prisoner’s Daughter is now available On Demand, and you can rent/purchase the movie and support my site (I’m an Associates member).

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