Louis Mandylor Talks ‘The Flood’ And Collaborating With Brandon Slagle


With The Flood, Louis Mandylor works once again with director Brandon Slagle. The pair are friends and collaborators, and earlier this year they worked together on Breakout. Last year, Slagel directed Battle for Saipan which starred Mandylor. CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes is a fan of Mandylor’s work, and this interview gives an in-depth look at his acting and directing career.

Louis Mandylor in “The Flood” (Saban Films)

The Flood centers on cops and criminals who are trapped in a Louisiana jail thanks to man-eating alligators. With a hurricane thrown into the mix, these indviduals will have a hard time making it out alive. Louis Mandylor, Nicky Whelan, and Casper Van Dien topline the indie action thriller.

“When we were in Thailand, we were making Battle for Saipan,” said Mandylor. “The producer (asked) because Brandon was busy, if I could direct the next one. He knew I liked to direct. I said, ‘If Brandon writes it, I’ll do it.’ Brandon agreed to write it and we did a little trilogy after that. So the relationship has fallen into place. He’s a great writer/director.”

Full interview with Louis Mandylor is up on our Deepest YouTube Channel. ****This interview was done before the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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