Blake Lively stars in Paramount Pictures' "The Rhythm Section."

Blake Lively Went “All Out” During Production Of Action Thriller ‘The Rhythm Section’

I haven’t seen a movie in theaters for weeks, but this Saturday I’ll be plunking down a few bucks to see The Rhythm Section. Aside from being an unabashed fan of Blake Lively’s (thanks To Gossip Girl and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), I also bought in to director Reed Morano and Lively’s insightful comments regarding the film. Hopefully the flick (pardon for the upcoming pun) will have a “rhythm” that’s gonna get you!

Blake Lively stars in Paramount Pictures’ “The Rhythm Section.”

Based on the Stephanie Patrick novels penned by Mark Burnell, The Rhythm Section centers on the aforementioned woman (Blake Lively) who is out for revenge against the terrorists who killed her family in a plane bombing. Directed by Reed Morano (I Think We’re Alone Now), the picture was shepherded by James Bond producers Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Jude Law co-stars as former M16 agent who shows her the ropes, with Sterling K. Brown a mysterious fixer who may have his own ulterior motives.

Lively’s comment on how Morano frames some of the action scenes is a huge reason why, even with its sub-par Rotten Tomatoes scores from critics, I’m giving this movie a shot. “It’s more than just a movie, it’s an experience because of the way Reed shoots,” said Lively, who broke her right hand on the film. “She does not let you out of the character’s perspective. So if someone is creeping up on the character, you have no idea. They just come at you. So you don’t really get an insight to what’s happening around her. You are her.”

In the audio clip below, Lively says The Rhythm Section is one of the hardest acting jobs she’s ever done:

Director Reed Morano on the set of Paramount Pictures’ “The Rhythm Section.”

Reed Morano also added that Lively really went for it during the production of The Rhythm Section. “She went all out,” said Morano. “There was no vanity. She invested everything she had in it and did everything herself – all her stunts. It was just the most incredible commitment to her character and every day on set my mind was blown and I was really emotional watching her.”

The Rhythm Section hits theaters January 31.

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