‘Andy Somebody’ Interview With Jeremy M. Evans and Jonathon Buckley


Andy Somebody is an indie feature with action comedy stylings. Production started back in 2017, and this month it finally saw the light of day and is available on streaming, rental, and purchase. The chemistry between Jeremy M. Evans, who plays the Andy, and Jonathon Buckley (as an a**hole named Shifflet) is evident from Andy Somebody. They made the perfect pairing for this interview, and check out our Andy Somebody interview in this post!

Andy Somebody centers on Andy (Jeremy M. Evans), a frustrated accountant who is bullied by his plastic surgeon boss Shifflett (Jonathon Buckley). Tasked with cooking the books for his employer, Andy goes the other way and steals $3 million from Shifflett’s office. Traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles, Andy is on the run and in trouble.

Jonathon Buckley and Jeremy M. Evans in “Andy Somebody”

His only friend in the City of Angels is Joy (Leslie Wong. who also produces), and ultimately Andy’s actions leads them into a world of danger. The narrative also features subplot involving two bungling detectives, and their mutual stupidity is one of the film’s comedic elements.

Evans, who penned the screenplay, talked at the end of the interview about working on another project with Jonathon Buckley. It’s a good idea, as their antagonistic relationship was my favorite aspect of Andy Somebody. I enjoyed the overall story of Andy Somebody, and if you are looking for indie comedic fare, this should fit the bill. Let me know your thoughtrs on Andy Somebody if you decide to give it a go!

Andy Somebody Trailer:

Here’s the full Andy Somebody interview with Jeremy M. Evans and Jonathon Buckley:

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