Home Television Zachary Levi Brings “Murder And Mayhem” To ‘Heroes Reborn’

Zachary Levi Brings “Murder And Mayhem” To ‘Heroes Reborn’

Zachary Levi Brings “Murder And Mayhem” To ‘Heroes Reborn’


One of an actor’s main challenges, especially if he is known for a specific role, is to keep evolving and in the process shatter people’s preconceived notions. Henry Fonda’s inspired work as a brutal gunslinger in Once Upon A Time In The West comes to mind, and though Zachary Levi isn’t mowing down good guys with a six shooter, he’s carving out his own path of destruction with Heroes Reborn.

NBCUniversal Events - Season 2015
NBCUniversal Press Tour, August 2015 — NBC’s “Heroes Reborn” Session — Pictured: Zachary Levi — (Photo by: Ben Cohen/NBCUniversal)

A fan of the original series, Levi jumped at the chance to collaborate with producer Tim Kring for Heroes Reborn but playing a do-gooder who rides into town with the proverbial white hat wasn’t his preference.

“Really my only prerequisite was I wanted to do something very different from Chuck,” says Levi, who was refreshingly unrecognizable as Fandral the Dashing in Thor 2. “I needed to challenge myself and challenge audience’s perception of who I was and what I did as an actor.”

In our video below, Zachary Levi (featured with co-star Judi Shekoni) talks about his character’s arc in Heroes Reborn and he also throws a slight joke at the end (which I won’t spoil for you). Check out the video below, which also features co-star Judi Shekoni (they play a married couple who kill evolved humans):

Heroes Reborn premieres September 24 on NBC (8/7c).

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