‘We Need To Do Something’ Interview With Director Sean King O’Grady

Starring Sierra McCormick and Vinessa Shaw, the feature is now out in theaters and available On Demand.

It was a brief four minute interview with filmmaker Sean King O’Grady, but considering We Need To Do Something is a film I dug, I was grateful for the time. The video interview is below, and I will explain why this film will garner different reactions from viewers.
[From left to right] Vinessa Shaw as “Diane”, John James Cronin as “Bobby”, Pat Healy as “Robert”, and Sierra McCormick as “Melissa” in Sean King O’Grady’s WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING.

Based on a novella by Max Booth III , We Need To Do Something centers on a family that is trapped in their home after a devastating storm. Melissa (The Vast of Night’s Sierra McCormick) may have an idea why her parents (Vinessa Shaw, Pat Healy) and her brother (John James Cronin) are in a dire situation. It all could lead back to her bond with Amy (Lisette Alexis), but I don’t want to throw out any spoilers from here on forth.

Filmmaker Sean King O’Grady crafts a terrifying and ambiguous tale about karma, possible witchcraft, and things that may go bump in the night. Some viewers will be frustrated that the narrative is mainly locked in a bathroom, but this taut and unforgiving narrative won me over.

We Need To Do Something is now out in theaters and On Demand.

If you check out the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts. During the interview, O’Grady mentions The Shining as one of his favorite features. Expect that type of tone and terror if you decide to see We Need To Do Something!

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