Vanessa Hudgens Finds Creative “Shelter” With Upcoming Drama


Gimme Shelter (Roadside Attractions)

January is usually a month that’s littered with horrible movies. However, one film I’m eagerly anticipating is Gimme Shelter, a project which continues Vanessa Hudgens’ inspired choice of work. In the past several years, the High School Musical star has turned in solid work in Sucker Punch, Spring Breakers, and The Frozen Ground (I still haven’t checked out Machete Kills).

With Gimme Shelter, Hudgens takes center stage as Agnes “Apple” Bailey, a pregnant teenager who extricates herself from her abusive mother (Rosario Dawson) and is rejected by her Wall Street dad (Brendan Fraser). James Earl Jones, who can currently be seen bantering back and forth with Malcolm McDowell in a popular series of Sprint ads, is the kindhearted soul who attempts to steer her in the right path.

In the following clip, Ms. Hudgens talks about preparing for her role in The Frozen Ground, a film which co-starred John Cusack and Nicolas Cage. Although the film is completely different from Gimme Shelter, both projects appear to hold a similar theme. To hear Hudgens talk about the creative process for The Frozen Ground, click on the Soundcloud bar below.

Rosario Dawson talked about Gimme Shelter last year while doing the interview rounds for filmmaker Danny Boyle’s overlooked thriller Trance. Click below to hear Dawson talk about going into a “dark” place for Gimme Shelter.

Gimme Shelter, penned and directed by Ronald Krauss, opens in select theaters January 24.

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