Twenty Five Sealed DVD and Blu-ray Giveaway From Deepest Dream!! (April 2021)


I’m giving away Twenty five (25) titles (some Blu-ray, most DVD) to support my Deepest Dream site. It’s very easy to enter. First come first serve!!

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For a spell, I have held a long running fantasy of collecting thousands of DVDs and Blu-rays. Times change, however, and space in my domicile is limited. So these discs have to go!! By the way, the only movie I’ve seen of the Twenty Five discs is Redacted (it’s directed by my favorite filmmaker Brian De Palma). Just FYI that disc unfortunately does not have a De Palma commentary!!

Giveaway Requirements

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  3. You only need to complete one of the two entries. If you complete both, you get two discs of your choosing.

  4. Once you enter the giveaway, email me at to confirm! Remember, first come, first serve so email me asap!!

  5. I will mail out your disc(s) and handle the shipping!

  6. Contest ends Sunday, April 18 at 5pm pt!!

Take a listen to our latest episode of Find Your Film as we review the new movies Moffie, Looking for a Lady With Fangs And A Moustache and Held!

Here are the Discs I am offering up:


  1. The Warlords (Jet Li)

  2. Pound of Flesh (Jean-Claude Van Damme)

  3. Blood Money (Pitbull, Gordon Liu)

  4. Robocop (Joel Kinnaman)

  5. The Host (Saoirse Ronan)

  6. Age of Heroes (Sean Bean)


  1. Galveston (Ben Foster, Elle Fanning)

  2. Cavita (Ian Gamazon)

  3. Lying and Stealing (Theo James, Emily Ratajowski)

  4. Dark Horse (Justin Bartha)

  5. Severance (Danny Dyer)

  6. The Griddle House (Luke Perry)

  7. Urban Country (Brighton Sharbino)

  8. Murder Party (Macon Blair) – two copies available!

  9. Bug (Jamie Kennedy)

  10. Citizen Soldier (Documentary)

  11. El Gringo (Scott Adkins)

  12. The Wannabe (Vincent Piazza)

  13. Ironclad Battle for Blood (Tom Austen)

  14. The Last Witness (Alex Pettyfer)

  15. JLA Adventures Trapped in Time

  16. Barry Munday

  17. Pusher III I’m The Angel of Death

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