The Voice Battle Rounds, Night 3: Adam Wakefield, Alisan Porter Come to the Forefront


It’s a new week, but we’re now well into The Voice Battle Rounds. Who will survive? Who will the coaches use their final few steals on? And who will wow enough to top The Voice rankings? Lets get into the latest Voice Battle Rounds:

First Battle: Adam Wakefield vs. Jared Harder (Team Blake)

We start the night with a little flirtation between coach Blake Shelton and advisor Gwen Stefani before meeting up with Adam Wakefield and Jared Harder. Blake says he pair them up because they’re his two “big voiced dudes.” He chooses the Marshall Tucker Band classic “Can’t You See” for the guys to perform. Blake warns Adam about being too comfortable with the track and lets him know he’s seen it happen frequently where the person less familiar with the track ups his game. Gwen tells Jared not to sing like Adam and to be true to himself in order to stand out. During the final performance, Gwen suggests that there be more interaction between them and Blake says it needs to be a performance.

As the song starts, Adam is playing keyboards while Jared’s rocking a guitar. Right off the bat, Jared sounds strong, but Adam hits an early falsetto that gets everyone’s attention. Later Jared shows off his falsetto, which also gets some attention. Both Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera mouth during the performance how good it is. Christina tells them after the performance that it was dope. She credits Jared for being solid early, but speaks highly of Adam’s gospel and blues in his voice. She says she would pick Adam. Pharrell Williams admits he was surprised by Jared’s soul, but really admired Adam’s vocal choices in the song. He too leans toward Adam. And finally, Adam Levine credits Adam for just sounding authentic and feels he could be part of Allman Brothers Band immediately, while he felt Jared was thinking a little more in his performance. Blake loved both but says he feels experience wins out here and picks Adam.

Second Battle: Emily Keener vs. Jonathan Bach (Team Pharrell)

Emily Keener and Jonathan Bach get a chance to meet Diddy and Jonathan immediately loses it a little bit. Pharrell picks Ellie Goulding’s “Explosions,” feeling it’s a good middle ground for two unique artists. During the first rehearsal, Diddy tells Jonathan not to premeditate the emotion of the track, while Pharrell wants Emily to connect a little more. Pharrell wants Jonathan to belt, even though he fears he may crack. During the final rehearsal, Diddy says Jonathan has made a great improvement, while Pharrell asks that Emily’s voice meets the emotion of the song. Diddy suggests a few stage moves to add to the performance as well.

During the performance, both get a chance to show the range of their voices with both intimate and explosive moments, but surprisingly the two have taken the choreograph suggestions and made for a visually entertaining performance as well. Adam felt that both were stronger on their own, but their harmonizing didn’t connect. Blake felt that Jonathan stepped into character, while Emily  connected with her emotion more. Christina feels that the song was more difficult for Emily as it wasn’t in her wheelhouse, but Jonathan gave more performance value. She leans toward Jonathan. Coach Pharrell thought Emily delivered a beautiful performance while Jonathan made the song his own. Pharrell says he feels he can continue to invest his guidance toward Emily and chooses her.

Third Battle: Daniel Passino vs. Kristen Marie (Team Christina)

Daniel Passino and Kristen Marie meet up with Christina and advisor Patti LaBelle. Kristen Marie is giddy. Christina picks Adel’s “Turning Tables” for them, saying that she heard some Adele in Kristen’s voice during the Blinds, and feels it’s also a great song for Daniel to bring out his inflections. Christina tells Kristen there can be more variation in her sound, while Patti feels Daniel has great range and is more confident. During the final rehearsal, Christina suggests again that Kristen needs to separate herself from the Adele version and put her stamp on it. She tells Daniel to not lose the textures of the song.

At the performance, Daniel smoothness shines through, but Kristen’s voice has a little something more unique in sound. They blend well together, but both have moments to shine on their own. Pharrell loved Daniel’s vocal control, and loved Kristen’s unique vocal. He picks Daniel. Adam says that Daniel knew better where he wanted to go with the song. Adam would also move forward with Daniel. Blake says he loves both, but he gravitated toward Daniel’s enunciation. Christina loves both and felt they both engaged with the song. But she feels Daniel was more sure of himself and picks him to move forward.

Before we move into the second hour, it’s time for the montage segment. We get brief glimpses of Jonathan Hutcherson squaring off against Moushumi on Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph,” with Pharrell picking Moushumi to move on. Katharine Ho and Lily Green do battle on the Cardigans’ “Lovefool,” before Adam advances Katharine. And Team Blake pits Angie Keilhauer against Teresa Guidry on Sara Evans’ “Backseat of a Greyhound Bus,” with Blake picking Angie to move on. See the clips below:

Fourth Battle: Abby Celso vs. Brian Nhira (Team Pharrell)

Abby Celso and Brian Nhira arrive aware that they’re taking on another coach’s song in Maroon 5’s “Sugar,” but before they enter they have ideas on an arrangement. During the rehearsal, Diddy compliments the arrangement, but says that whoever delivers it more impactful will advance. He tells Brian that he started too strong and needs to walk listeners into the emotion. Pharrell tells Brian he also needs to work on his diction. Diddy and Pharrell both think Abby needs to connect more to the emotion of the song. At the final rehearsal, Pharrell says Abby really turned everything up and Brian could still use more diction. Diddy also offers some performance suggestions as well.

The more soulful rendition of the song immediately catches Adam’s attention. Both get a chance to show their soul side early, then ramp it up into a full on groove, with both really shining. Adam tells them that he was impressed by Brian singing in his full voice and he goes toward Brian. Blake says he had so much fun watching Brian and he heard a tone in Abby’s voice that he loved. He too leans toward Brian. Christina really loved Brian’s voice, but Abby had different textures that Brian didn’t have. However, she thinks smooth operator Brian had the edge. Pharrell agrees on Abby’s tones, and Pharrell says Brian embraced his performance and didn’t overdo it. Before he announces his pick, he pleads for a “save” from his fellow coaches. He eventually picks Abby,  but Adam and Christina listen to his Pharrell’s pleas and pitch for Brian.  Eventually, Brian chooses Adam.

Fifth Battle: Caroline Burns vs. Mike Schiavo (Team Adam)

Caroline Burns and Mike Schiavo arrive to find Tori Kelly with Adam. The coach says he feels this is an odd pairing, but he has a song for them — Meghan Trainor’s “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” featuring John Legend. Tori tells Mike she can tell he’s nervous, while Adam says he wants Mike to use his rasp as an afterthought. Adam asks Caroline for more confidence on the bigger notes. Adam feels that harmonies will help both of them. During their final rehearsal, Adam and Tori feel it’s a big step up. Adam feels they could benefit from performing to each other as well.

In the performance, Mike starts off strong, while Caroline’s softer, lilting voice is a perfect compliment. Both have their moments, but when they harmonize, these are the best parts of the song. Blake says it was fun, but he felt like Mike stepped off the gas and allowed Caroline to shine. He says he would pick Caroline. Christina says both were great and Mike had wonderful consistency. Christina leans toward Mike. Pharrell says Caroline was just having a good time, while he felt Mike displayed great accuracy and range. Adam says both artists did everything right, but he has to think about who he can take to the end. He feels Caroline has more potential and picks her.

Sixth Battle: Alisan Porter vs. Lacy Mandigo (Team Christina)

Alisan Porter and Lacy Mandigo meet up with Christina and Patti Labelle. Christina has chosen “California Dreamin'” by the Mamas and the Papas, and Lacy admits to not being familiar with the song, but she’s a quick study.  Christina tells Lacy she can play with the song more than she has. Patti calls out Alisan for her pronunciation of one of the lyrics. The advisor also tells Lacy she needs to loosen up. During the final rehearsal, they work out a few final kinks and it’s going to be a powerful finale for the night.

Lacy lets her lower register sell the opening notes, while Alisan has a cleaner sounding opening. But there’s no doubt that both have the ability to belt with the best of them. Pharrell says Lacy had more control early, while Alisan was a thunderstorm. Adam says there are a lot of great things about Lacy’s voice, while he leans toward Alisan only more to experience. Blake says Lacy is good, but will be great with time, but Alisan gets his vote. Christina says Lacy had amazing growth and is far ahead of the game for her age, but she’s moved by Alisan, who she picks to move forward. However, Blake uses his final steal to get in on Lacy.

So as we finish Night 3 of The Voice Battle Rounds, where did the night’s performers stand. Check out our rankings below and return tomorrow night at 8PM ET/PT on NBC for the next batch of The Voice Battle Rounds.

Emily Keener (Team Pharrell)
Caroline Burns (Team Adam)
Lacy Mandigo (Team Blake)
Abby Celso (Team Pharrell)
Daniel Passino (Team Christina)
Brian Nhira (Team Adam)
Alisan Porter (Team Christina)
Adam Wakefield (Team Blake)

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