‘Sheroes’ Trailer: Thailand Set Thrill Ride Stars Isabelle Fuhrman And Sasha Luss

Co-starring Wallis Day, "Sheroes" hits theaters and digital on June 23.


Thanks to Orphan, Orphan: First Kill and The Novice, Isabelle Fuhrman is always on my radar. I love all three movies, and hopefully her latest movie Sheroes delivers the goods. Co-starring Sasha Luss, Wallis Day, and Skai Jackson, this Thailand set actioner has a ton of adrenaline. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think!

Sheroes centers on four friends who travel to Thailand for their fair share of hedonism. Their plans go south when one of them is kidnapped by a drug lord.

Instead of cowering in fear, these youjg women band together to get their friend back and kick a ton of butt along the way. Written and directed by Spring Breakers producer Jordan Gertner, Sheroes has a lean and mean runtime of 91 minutes.

It hits theaters and digital on June 23. The CinemAddicts crew will definitely be reviewing this movie, but more importantly let us know your thoughts on Sheroes!!

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