Ryan Gosling: Choosing ‘The Nice Guys’ Was A “No-Brainer”

THE NICE GUYS - Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe


Set in the 1970s sunshine haze of Los Angeles, “The Nice Guys” centers on Holland March (Ryan Gosling), a hapless private eye who teams up with professional badass Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) to find a missing girl. Upon their journey, the pair uncover a conspiracy that is way above their pay grade.


Though it’s a comedy, The Nice Guys’  shooting environment didn’t offer Gosling much time to hang out after hours, at least until Russell Crowe set things straight! “It was a pretty physical film,” said Gosling. “The big days when we were in Atlanta pretending it was summer but it was winter. It was like minus 10 degrees. Most of the time, we went home but we did have a big night. Russell was very generous and rented out this bar for the whole crew and the cast to watch a game of his rugby team and – we were all hurting for the next two months.”

Click on the sound bar below to hear Ryan Gosling explain why working on The Nice Guys with director Shane Black, co-star Crowe, and producer Joel Silver was a “no-brainer.”

The Nice Guys opens nationwide Friday, May 20.

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