Radha Mitchell & Lucy Fry Name Favorite Scary Movies (“The Darkness”)

6 Miranda Dr.

Now playing nationwide, “The Darkness” centers on a family (Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell, Lucy Fry, David Mazouz) who unwittingly bring supernatural forces back to their suburban neighborhood after a Grand Canyon trip.

6 Miranda Dr.

The picture is directed by Greg McLean, the filmmaker behind the nail-biting (and violent) thriller Wolf Creek and the guilty pleasure crocodile flick Rogue (which also featured Radha Mitchell).

During the interviews for “The Darkness,” I asked Mitchell and Fry to name their favorite horror/scary movies. Mitchell, whose own career includes a pretty scary feature (“Silent Hill”), talked about “The Vanishing,” and Fry gave a little shout-out to the Wolf Creek series she subsequently worked on with McLean.


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