Rising Stars: ‘The Witch’ Actress Anya Taylor-Joy



Opening February 19, The Witch is the heralded debut of filmmaker Robert Eggers, who received the Directing Award at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. The movie is also filed with excellent performances, as newcomer Anya Taylor-Joy delivers stunning work as Thomasin, a teenage girl in 1630 New England who may “possess” an inextricable bond with a mysterious figure in the forest.

Photo Courtesy of A24
Photo Courtesy of A24

Anya Taylor-Joy, who spent her youth living in Argentina and England, makes her screen debut with The Witch, and it was material that held her attention from the inception.

“I’m pretty dark,” says Taylor-Joy, who adds that she was ‘obsessed’ with the script. “I’ve always loved magic and dark kind of fairy tales. It felt like a really good fit tonally. But if I’m being perfectly honest, I did not think about that when we went to make the film.”

During the interview, I asked Taylor-Joy, whose work also includes the series Atlantis, if she built any sort of interior life for Thomasin. Click on the link below to hear Taylor-Joy’s refreshingly candid answer (she mentions actor Harvey Scrimshaw, who plays Thomasin’s tormented brother Caleb, in the clip):

Taylor-Joy recently completed a co-starring role in Morgan, a Ridley Scott produces science fiction thriller that co-stars Paul Giamatti and Rose Leslie.

The Witchwill be reviewed on next week’s episode of CinemAddicts, a podcast you can download via iTunes. To listen to our recent episode, check out the clip below:


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