Ethan Hawke Is “Born To Be Blue” In Chet Baker Film

Born To Be Blue


Ethan Hawke takes on one of his most challenging roles to date with Born To Be Blue, a look into the life of famed (and troubled) jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. Also known as for his mesmeric and smooth vocal stylings, Baker was one of the leaders of the West Coast jazz scene, and the film spotlights a pivotal moment of his comeback in the 1960s.

Written and directed by Robert Budreau, the film is not a straight ahead biopic of Baker, but instead is a reimagining of his life, a narrative style that is best exemplified in the 2007 Bob Dylan film I’m Not There.

Born To Be Blue, co-starring Carmen Ejogo as Baker’s muse, hits theaters March 25 and is available on VOD beginning March 31.  One of the trailer’s nicest touches was giving us a taste of “My Funny Valentine,” a standard which, though often covered, is considered one of Baker’s most popular tunes. Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think!!

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