“Once Bitten, Twice Dead” Readies For PC & Nintendo Wii U Launch

Once Bitten, Twice Dead
Currently featured on Steam Greenlight, the horror survival adventure Once Bitten, Twice Dead is set for a PC and Nintendo Wii U launch via Dark Day Interactive.

Players traverse in a world that’s devasted by a virus pandemic, as humanity has fallen victum to mutated creatures called the “munchers.” Gamers will build materials, collect guns and ammo, as well as sustenance, to keep them alive in a very undead universe.

Dark Day Interactive
Dark Day Interactive

The game’s features boast a “true open world environment,” the ability for single and multiplayer modes, boss encounters, as well as an “outbreak” mode which enables players to venture forth as the aforementioned munchers.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Dark Day Interactive features a development team that are joined at the hip thanks to their “video game passion.” To “interact” with the team and offer up your thoughts on their game, please check out their Steam Greenlight page.

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