Nicolas Cage Gets Unhinged With ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ Trailer


Few things in cinema give me more pleasure than watching Nicolas Cage deliver an outsized performance. He looks completely unhinged in the Sympathy for The Devil trailer. It works for me, and there are a few more reasons why this movie is on my radar.

Sympathy for the Devil centers on a seemingly inocent man (Joel Kinnaman) who is forced to drive a mysterious passenger (Nicolas Cage) at gunpoint. What ensues is a dangerous cat and mouse game where things are not exactly what they seem.

My initial guess for the trailer is the Nicolas Cage character is a figment of Kinnaman’s imagination. That thought was shut down when you see some innocent bystander respond to Cage. Maybe the trailer’s editing is playing tricks on us and Cage’s character really doesn’t exist.

Or maybe this is some elongated dream sequence from Kinnaman (he’s simply known as the driver).

I enjoyed director Yuval Adler’s The Secrets We Keep so I am definitely looking forward to Sympathy for the Devil.

Let us know your thoughts on the trailer! Sympathy for the Devil hits theaters July 28 via RLJE Films.

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