Oscar Nominated ‘A House Made of Splinters’ Hits PBS In July


A House Made of Splinters, the Oscar nominated documentary from POV alum Simon Lereng Wilmont, makes its national broadcast premiere Monday, July 17 on PBS. It will be available for streaming on pbs.org and the PBS App on October 15.

A House Made of Splinters is part of the programming for POV, the non-fiction series that is now in its 36th season. The documentary spotlights the lives of children whose lives are upended by poverty, addiction and the war in Ukraine.

POV S36 | A House Made of Splinters Credit: Simon Lereng Wilmont Caption: Alina looks at Sasha by the mirror

Making its world premiere at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, A House Made of Splinters won the Best Director prize in the World-Cinema Documentary competition. It also received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature Film for this year’s Academy Awards.

A House Made of Spinters is a film about the long term, less visible, but no less devastating consquences that war has had on many of the small communities situated along the pre-24th February 2022 frontline of the war in Eastern Ukraine,” said director/cinematographer Simon Lereng Wilmont.

Simon Lereng Wilmont – Photo courtesy of POV

The director added that he is “grateful” to share this “truly universal and highly relevant story on POV/PBS with American audioences.

“Wartime experiences that contribute to the loss of childhood innocence are not part of an abstract history but an everyday reality for many young lives,” said POV executive producer Chris White. “This timely film illuminates the fragility of social systems in a country in crisis. Simon captures the impact on the children caught in this web with honesty, sensitivity and moments of hope.”

POV S36 | A House Made of Splinters Credit: Simon Lereng Wilmont Caption: Alina and Sasha behind a curtain

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