‘Last Summer'(L’été Dernier) Review – An Engrossing Erotic Thriller From Catherine Breillat

Catherine Breillat directed feature is now playing at the Landmark Nuart Theatre.

Last Summer - Janus Films, Sideshow

Filmmaker Catherine Breillat (“Fat Girl,” “The Last Mistress”) is known for pushing the envelope. That aesthetic continues with “Last Summer,” a family drama/thriller about an attorney’s (Léa Drucker) torried affair wi th her seventeen-year-old stepson Theo (Samuel Kircher). Olivier Rabourdin co-stars as the lawyer’s unsuspecting (and loving) husband.

Léa Drucker and Samuel Kircher in “Last Summer” (Sideshow, Janus Films)

Anne (Léa Drucker) is a successful attorney whose life gets complicated after she has sex with her stepson Theo (Samuel Kircher). Her husband Pierre (Olivier Rabourdin), who is often on business trips, is too distracted to notice and he leaves most of the parental duties to his wife. The couple also have two adopted daughters, making Anne’s decisions even more questionable.

A remake of the feature “Queen of Hearts,” “Last Summer” places viewers smack dab into Anne’s world. Although the picture is filled with exposition, “Last Summer” is far from boring. The cat and mouse game between Theo and Anne kept me intrigued through the closing moments, and this is an elevated family drama/thriller that is worth a watch.

Léa Drucker, Samuel Kircher, Olivier Rabourdin in “Last Summer.” (Sideshow, Janus Films)

The movie, with music by Kim Gordon, is now playing at the Landmark Nuart Theatre. Comment below and share your thoughts on “Last Summer!”

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