Nick Jonas Connects To The “Poignant” Message Behind ‘UglyDolls’

Nick Jonas stars in UglyDolls as the voice of Lou, a seemingly “perfect” guy who serves as the seeming antagonist to the UglyDolls. Along with loving the songs spotlighted in this animated feature, he also connected to the film in a personal fashion.

Nick Jonas attends the World Premiere of UGLYDOLLS at Regal L.A. LIVE: A Barco Innovation Center in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, April 27, 2019
Photo: Eric Charbonneau

UglyDolls centers on Moxy (Kelly Clarkson), a person who wants to break free from Uglyville and explore her individuality. The movie’s aforementioned musical flavor is a big part of the stew, as Janelle Monae and Blake Shelton are also voice actors in the feature.

“One of the things I was most connected to about the story is bringing this message to my young fans and my adult fans alike,” said Jonas. “I had the chance to see the movie a couple of weeks ago and I was really moved by so much of it. The little people that came with us were really connecting with it as well. That message of accepting oneself, accepting others is so important and incredibly poignant right now in the world.”

Nick Jonas stars as Lou in UglyDolls. Courtesy of STXfilms

Click on the media bar to hear Jonas discuss being part of music that he hopes will “live on for a long time” with UglyDolls (he performs the song “The Ugly Truth” in the feature):

UglyDolls, directed by Smurfs: The Lost Village director Kelly Asbury, hits theaters May 3.