‘Apocalypse Now Final Cut’ Hits 4K Ultra HD In August With New Material

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Apocalypse Now underwent a 4K Restoration and it’s headed for theaters August 15. On August 27, Lionsgate will releases the newly restored Apocalypse Now Final Cut on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (4K disc, three Blu-ray discs, and Digital copy) and Digital 4K Ultra HD.


Director Francis Ford Coppola says Apocalypse Now Final Cut “looks better than it has ever looked, and sounds better than it has ever sounded” (this version has Dolby Atmos Audio and a new technology called Sensual Sound). This collection comes with the theatrical cut and Redux cut, as well as the Hearts of Darkness documentary.

Also included is a Tribeca Film Festival Q&A with Coppola and filmmaker Steven Soderbergh and newly discovered behind the scenes footage. Collectible Mondo artwork is also featured in Apocalypse Now Final Cut, as well as the plethora of special features that were contained in previous iterations (included audio commentary from Coppola).

Are you excited for the release of Apocalypse Now Final Cut? Feel free to comment below!