Nick Gehlfuss Talks Deep Doctor Respect With ‘Chicago Med’ Journey

Chicago Med - Nick Gehlfuss
CHICAGO MED -- "Speak Your Truth" -- Pictured: Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead -- (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)
Having come from a family that’s worked in the medical profession, Nick Gehlfuss already came in with a sense of appreciation when he landed the role of Dr. Will Halstead in Chicago Med. During a previous interview with Gehlfuss, I asked him about how his appreciation for doctors has deepened thanks to his experience on the show. Gehlfuss audio is available after the jump!

Chicago Med - Nick Gehlfuss
CHICAGO MED — Season 3 — Pictured: Nick Gehlfuss as Dr. Will Halstead — (Photo by Nino Munoz/NBC)

“I take my job seriously so I’ll do everything that I need to do to make my job work which is being a doctor but not doing everything that a doctor does, of course like the procedures. But I’ve gotten pretty close to that by going to hospitals and observing doctors in their elements.

I could not do it now. Maybe in another life though. As I do the research my respect for them is more than it ever has been and it allows me to appreciate my mother and what she does a lot more. I’ve told her as much.

When I go to the hospital, it’s funny. I went to the hospital recently for a stomach bug and they recognize me (laughs) and they call me doctor. It’s just hilarious. I watch them and I can’t help but watch every little thing that they’re doing and I ask them so many questions maybe not things that make sense.

I respect what they do. I appreciate what they do. It is not easy. They put others before themselves on a daily basis. Just the amount of knowledge and terminology that you have to have in your back pocket in any given moment. Any question that comes their way, they need to answer it to make a patient feel more comfortable. It’s a lot.” – Nick Gehlfuss

The audio version of Gehlfuss’ answer:

Season 3 of Chicago Med , co-starring Torrey Devito and Brian Tee, premieres tonight on NBC (10/9c).