Movies Anywhere’s Black Friday And Cyber Monday Delivers A ‘Legend’ Of Deal

Casblanca, Scarface, and Apollo 13 are among Movies Anywhere's "Under 5" deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This is a short post to inform cinephiles that the free app Movies Anywhere’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are a steal. Prices start as low as $4.99, and as a very late adopter in the digital space (I’m a physical media guy), I will plunk down my money for Ridley Scott’s Legend.

Ridley Scott is on my Mount Rushmore of favorite filmmakers (Brian De Palma and Alfred Hitchcock are up there too), and it’s a crime that I still haven’t seen Legend. That will be rectified, however, since Movies Anywhere’s $4.99 price is right up my alley. Casablanca, Apollo 13, The Departed, Casino, and Scarface are also $4.99. For more info on the latest deals, go to Movies Anywhere’s site.

I’m also a big fan of Movies Anywhere’s Screen Pass Feature, which gives users three Screen Passes to share a month with their friends and loved ones. I was about to share my Rear Window Screen Pass with my CinemAddicts Facebook Group members, but I opted for a more modern thriller and offered up Gone Girl. That said, any time I get a chance to post a James Stewart image, I’ll take it.

Do you use Movies Anywhere? If so, what do you think of the app? Feel free to comment below.

Speaking of Brian De Palma, me and the Find Your Film crew spotlight the filmmaker in this here episode (We cover Femme Fatale and Raising Cain):

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