Matt McAndrew Gets His “Feet Wet” For ‘The Voice’ Live Playoffs


Matt McAndrew‘s Knockouts performance of “Drops of Jupiter” has propelled him into The Voice’s Live Playoffs, and this multi-skilled singer/songwriter has also proven that he’s a capable performer. McAndrew also has an earnest and humble manner in communicating with his fans and the press, qualities which should serve him well throughout the competition and, more importantly, his music career.

During our recent interview, McAndrew about “Drops of Jupiter” and why having a clear vision as an artist is an important element in his journey.

THE VOICE -- Season: 7 -- Pictured: Matt McAndrew -- (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)
THE VOICE — Season: 7 — Pictured: Matt McAndrew — (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

You’ve received a ton of support from your fan base throughout your journey on The Voice. That must mean a lot to you.

It’s a new kind of phenomenon. Obviously I’ve done it for a long time where you’re just doing it because you just believe in you and you hope that other people would get behind it. So it’s just interesting actually have that happening.

It’s helpful – instead of just going and playing gigs at a chatty room or bar and not having people respond. Obviously it’s easier and more fun when you have a supportive fan base.

How much has your workload been the last couple of weeks going into the Live Playoffs. Of course, it’s a good thing . . . 

Yeah, oh it’s great. I’ve been able to get enough sleep so far. That’s something I’m usually pretty good with. I always try to get eight hours or so. At this point in the game, it’s still possible for me – you might have to come home and send yourself directly to bed. But it’s great because the busy things we’re doing – the film, the interviews, and rehearsals – are things I love to do.

Can you talk about your Knockout rounds with Rebekah Samarin, as well as your choice of “Drops of Jupiter” as your song?

I hadn’t heard her song going into the Knockouts. So I had just my blinders on and I was working on my song and making sure it was the best that it could be. It was great, I said something on Twitter that I had a front row seat to her performance. I thought she did really, really well. It was a good day for both of us.

As far as “Drops of Jupiter” goes, I thought it would be cool as far as the arc of my performances on the show to do something like that. To get away from the guitar, which is not typical for me, but it’s a good opportunity for me to grow a little bit. I honestly had a blast and the main thing I wanted to do is go out there and not be nervous at all. I felt like, by far, it was the best performance I’ve done on the show and maybe the best performance I’d ever done.

What’s The Voice Live stage like. Are you excited to perform on a bigger stage?

It’s definitely cool. It’s weird because it’s not a very gradual change. You do the Blinds and then the next couple of stages are similar and this is like we’re going into rehearsals here and they are like “Oh yeah this is going to do this and this is the TV and this is all going to move.” All this crazy stuff.

So it’s a really big leap as far as the level of production. I’m excited to get my feet wet.

Has The Voice given you more fuel and momentum in continuing your music career?

I’m a pretty stubborn guy so I would have just been trudging along anyways. I kind of can’t help but to write songs. I would say it’s been such a tremendous boost of confidence being on the show and I think that’s what I’ll be taking with me more than added determination.

Having a laser focus on what you want to do is a good thing as well.

Yeah. I kind of pride myself on having a pretty good vision. The weird thing being involved (with music is) it’s not like becoming a school teacher or something where you can give somebody a set of instructions on how to get there.

It’s a total free for all – so you really have to have a vision of who you are and what you’re doing and what’s the next step. All the time. I think every artist needs a compass because there’s no clear cut way of how to get from being a small town kid to playing at the Grammys, you know?

Thank you for your time and take care!

Thanks so much man, I appreciate it!

The Voice Live Playoffs begin tonight on NBC (8 pm et/pt). For more info on Matt McAndrew, check out his official site.

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