Kristi Jacobson Talks ‘No Accident’ And Passion for Documentary Filmmaking


No Accident is a new HBO documentary that centers on the lawsuit surrounding the Charlottesville, Virginia “Unite the Right” white nationalist rally in 2017. One person was killed in the incident, and the lawsuit alleged that the rally was created to incite racially motivated violence and to advance an anti-Semetic, race-war agenda. Director Kristi Jacobson has behind the scenes access to the documentary, and she talked to Deepest Dream about the journey of making No Accident.

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With this lawsuit, the plaintiffs put their identities front and center to expose the white suprecmacist agenda of the “Unite the Right” rally. The documentary focuses on the trial aspect of the lawsuit, as we see how attorneys Roberta Kaplan, Karen Dunn and Michael Bloch presented their case in court. Several of the plaintiffs are also interviewed in the documentary.

“In this case, I was really connected to and inspired by the every day citizens who participated in this case,” said Jacobson. “Who put themselves out there as named plaintiffs in a lawsuit against these, known to them, as being white supremacists and racists . . . I feel like more of us should be doing more.”

“I’m always hoping that there is a person who will watch one of my films and have their perspectives shift just a little bit,” said Jacobson. “One person is great, I hope that there are more of them. But that’s what I hope, and especially for this film.”

Full Interview w/ Kristi Jacobson:

No Accident is now available on HBO and streaming on Max.